Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday, Saturday!

If you didn't hear music in your head when you read the title, you are younger than I am and should go back to your sandbox.

Saturdays in the studio are feast or famine. Either we have people picking up orders, and back to back appointments meaning DH has to rush lunch (the Goddess does not rush her food even for money), or it's dead as a dodo. I actually don't mind a dead day here and there; we get caught up, and maybe I'll read, or listen to a book while I spin.

Yes, I spin here at the studio. Since I'm frequently here alone on Saturdays while the DH is out shooting, I thought it might be cumbersome moving a wheel around if I have spring up to go out to the reception area. An electric spinner seemed just the thing, and I had the opportunity to buy a Fricke E-spinner second hand, with DH enabling by making part of it a birthday gift. You betcha I'm keeping him. It has the foot pedal so if I need to stop quickly, I just lift my foot and go.

This spinner has the Woolee Winder which I covet for my Louet Victoria (little portable spinning wheel for those of you not amongst the Chosen), and makes spinning such a pleasure. The bobbins hold a ton. Today I finally got a chance to ply off what I've been spinning in tiny bits for about a year. I filled two bobbins with plied singles today, and we know what that means! Oh, wait, some of you don't. It means I have yarn. I do know, as my brother so 'helpfully' pointed out to me, I can buy yarn in a store. But it's fun to spin, I can make my own color scheme, the thickness I want - sometimes - and shutupScottyoudork.

So, this is the finished product waiting to be skeined off the bobbins and washed. It's a mohair/Romney wool mix, in shades of pink from fuchsia to cotton candy, blues from turquoise to baby and cream. It still has some grease in it (lanolin, that is), so it will bloom nicely when it's done, and now that it's plied, there are tons of shades all through it.
The DH admired it dutifully, then, a la Terry Bradshaw about sushi, said sotto voce, "But they're different colors!" ::::snort::::

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