Friday, January 18, 2008

C'est moi.

I decided to add a picture to my profile. Understand, your Goddess is a deity of abundance. No Twiggy she. Or as the DH says, "The bigger the cushion, the better..." Hmm. Think I'll let that trail off into the ether.

Anyway, like most fat people, I don't like my picture taken; there's a reason, we say, that we're on the other side of the camera. But I realized a few years ago, when I was really getting into being the family genealogist, that without photos, I was taking myself right out of my family's memories. Preserving memories old and new being what our business is all about, I stopped shunning the camera. As much. Of course, it doesn't help when, like today, I actually ask the DH to take my picture, he does, then grimaces at the display screen! Just wait till next time he's nekkid. I know just the face to make.

So, now you sorta see what I look like. I'll pre-answer questions for you. Yes, that really is the color of my eyes. The hat? Yep, made it myself from Liz Lovick's Gansey workshop on EZasPi (see groups list below), made from Frangipani yarn. I believe you can purchase the workshop as a downloadable .pdf book, and worth every penny. Would your Goddess lie to you? Okay, but if my money wasn't involved?

What else? The earrings, if you look at the larger image, you may be able to recognize as Romi's Yarn Balls. Love these, had a friend offer to steal them right out of my lobes, but she backed off when I showed my teeth in a very Scottie-like manner. These, with the Swan pin, were an anniversary gift from the DH. VERY good taste he has, especially when I send him the links. Ladies, learn a lesson from someone who has been married about 26 years all told...if you want the perfect gift, tell him what it is! If you like surprises, give him several know you want it all, anyway...and let his decision be your surprise. Look at the engagement ring I'm wearing - perfect example. Showed him three or four, expressed no preference, darling man picked my favorite one anyway.

And yes, that IS my hair color. I did mention I do restoration work, didn't I?

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