Wednesday, January 16, 2008

¿Habla ingles?

First, note the pretty new pictures, both at the top and in my before and after segment. Go ahead, look. I'll wait. :::hums "Jeopardy" theme::: The MP is the father of a Scottie friend of mine. The ducks are the DH's shot, with my touch of...dare I say it? Of course I dare!...magic.

Now for another PAI story. My cell phone just rang. Since DH is here, DD #1 is sick and DD #2 is hoping lightning will strike me as long as she's still in the will, I figured it was for Reverend Di. If my mom called, btw, it would play "Pomp & Circumstance." Which should tell you something about my mother, but I don't want to speculate what.

Anyway, I use my cell number for my wedding officiant business, and it was a local number, so I thought it was a call for that. I answer, in my unique way, "Hello?"

On the other end is a man, youngish but not a kid, and he blurts, "Do you have a website for your business?" "Which one?" "Your wedding business." "For a wedding officiant, or photographer?"

At this point, it starts to get farcical. "The one for weddings," he replies. I calmly and graciously (shut up, Olivia-Lee!) reply that we do wedding photography, and that I do wedding services. "So what is the website for your wedding planning?"

Did I SAY planning? I mentally test myself..." Soy una officiante de bodas..." Nope, I wasn't speaking Spanish. I know a little ASL, but pretty sure I wasn't using that over the phone. So I must have been speaking English; it's all I have left. "Sorry, no planning. Pictures, and minister. That's all." Finally, he says he's calling for a friend (with friends like these, who needs the village idiot, am I right, people?), and could he have the website for photography?

I provide it, and hang up, wondering where he got my number and who I need to throttle for it.

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