Saturday, January 26, 2008

In Deep Knit

I saw the words "Deep Knit" recently, and having what my mom calls a Walter Mitty mind, I instantly had a vision of myself buried under a mound of yarn stash with only my arms and knitting sticking out. It had to be done, and with the help of the DH and my Photoshop skills, done it was. You can take a look at my Etsy store to see the result. Go now. What are you waiting for? Oh. Okay, yes, but as soon as you finish reading. I'll be watching you.

You may have noticed, but probably didn't because you're so self-absorbed that you only notice things that apply to YOU, the Before and After pictures in the right sidebar changed. This is the wife of the soldier in the previous set I had up, and the photo was taken in 1941. A scan was sent to me by their daughter, Pat O., I did repair work on them, and printed her a 5x7 of each. She got them yesterday, and stroked my ego massively....quite a task considering the size ego your Goddess has! I quote, "Got the restored pictures of my Mom & Dad today. Diana, they are great. Much better than I had hoped for. " There was more, but modesty prevents... Nope, even I cannot pull that off.

So to redeem myself, I'll tell a story on me. The DH and I were driving to work today, and I was rabbiting on about something no doubt excruciatingly crucial at the moment, when I noticed the house across the road. "Oh look!," I exclaimed, "They have chickens." We glanced at each other and just busted a gut laughing (to put it in my usual refined manner). For those of you that haven't seen it, there's a Tshirt we constantly say would be perfect for the younger DD - "They say I have A.D.D., but they just don't understa...oh, look! There's a chicken!"

I guess the DD comes by it honestly. :-/

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Jessica said...

I have No I idea why you and my dear little sister have such a little attenti....oh look at what the cute little kitten is doing. LMAO. J/K I'm the kind of person so when my mind is put to something, I don't get off track. :)