Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I know I haven't posted for awhile. Yes, we were socked in by multiple snow storms, and you'd think I'd have written something then, wouldn't you? But I was actually very busy with something else, about which I'll share more presently. We're also thankfully busier at the studio than usual.

I knew you all were simply panting for a PAI (People Are Idiots) rant and since a prime example came up today, I thought I'd share.

We have six local high schools, and a few private schools, in this area. Many of the seniors, whether the school has a contract photographer or not, choose to come to us. Without bragging, we have the best facility in the locale, and with bragging, the best photographer in my DH. The kids come here knowing that we go the extra mile for them. We even take care of digitally submitting their yearbook photo to the various advisers, usually via email attachment.

Today we were told by one senior that her adviser, whom I'll call Ms. Lint Licker (LL for short), informed said senior that her photo would not be in the yearbook. Naturally upset, she posted on DH's Facebook page, asking why. He immediately emailed LL.

She responded by saying she'd never received the 13 senior photos we'd sent....btw, well before the deadline. Now, doodoo happens. Other yearbook advisers have not received or lost an image. You know what they do? They ask the kids, "Where is your picture?" They call the local photographers and ask if we have any to submit. They are conscientious, knowing the importance of their senior yearbook to these students.

Not LL. When the DH called her, she informed him - yelling so loudly I could hear her from about 10 feet away - that it was "Not her job" to call photographers. Even after she admitted to him that she sometimes has email difficulties at her school account! I guess it's not her job to talk to students, either, because she didn't trouble herself to ask them about their images. The DH got her to finally admit that the pages could still be changed, but essentially, it would take too much effort for her. Thirteen seniors won't be in their yearbook, and she can't be BOTHERED?!? What could BE more important when you're taking money to be the yearbook adviser?

DH offered to take his time to help with the layout to get it done. No, LL responded, that would violate state law about privacy. Really? For images that are being published in a public forum like a yearbook?

Two minutes. That's all it would have taken for her to call or email the area's top photographer. She knew she had email issues, she knew we would have images for her, she knew she had at least 13 seniors for whom she had no pictures...and she did nothing. I cannot fathom that level of irresponsibility. We are, of course, taking this to the principal, and failing resolution from that source, we'll be contacting the parents of the students. One has been a client for years, and a friend, and saints preserve LL if we sic this lady on her!

As a last note, I'm the daughter, niece and the sister of teachers, and proud of it. The DH has taught at the local university. Teachers are some of the best of people doing a job that should pay a helluva lot more than it does given the importance of it. If my kids got in trouble with a teacher, I took the teacher's point until I knew any differently. Bottom line, I admire teachers. A lot.

I hate having found a teacher that doesn't hold to the high standard I grew up with.