Thursday, January 17, 2008

Feelin' Frosty!

We woke up this morning to the radio telling us that school was delayed two hours. We dragged ourselves out of bed to find...nothing! No snow, no sleet...nada. Within an hour schools were closed and still nothing there. But as we were leaving for work, it started to spit a bit of snow. During the ten minute drive to the studio, it began to lay. DH went off to teach at the university, and I went in to work. Within a half hour, everything was covered and it was *SNOWING*! Gorgeous. You should know I still act like a kid who knows she's going to get out of school when it snows like this.

Oh, and I DID. The university closed down as of three o'clock, so my evening class was not going to happen. We pulled the plug on work and came home. This stuff is thick and heavy, with a very slushy base, clinging to everything. The county, in their infinite insanity, almost never does anything to the windy, steep road we must traverse to get home, but it was just a lovely drive. I thought you might like to see.

This is the road along by the river.

And a stand of pines near our home. I just cannot be snarky when it snows!

Oh, and I got the first Artemis contest entry today. This is exciting.


JoanK said...

Hi great Goddess/Yarn Hussy - wonderful photos of your snow - fresh, misty, soft.

When do we get to see the contest entries? Enquiring (or should I say impatient) minds want to see! I feel a lot like a little kid on a car trip.

And, pray tell, what class at University? (Once again, the aforementioned n=o=s=y= curious minds)

Diana said...

Joan, Joan...a true fan would KNOW what the 'Ethel Merman' entry. LOL

The contest entry period closes on the 31st. I wasn't really planning on showing all the entries, because this isn't democracy. I RULE! Bwahahahaha! But maybe I'll change my mind, I dunno. As it stands, I just have the one entry, anyway.

Dayna said...

Now D....I have have a sprinkling of the white stuff.If it weren't so cold out right now (wind chill about 27 below) I would go out and photograph the sun coming through the trees onto the snow. The site from my office window is just so wondorous. Sigh .... the screens ruin any shot at a good photo.