Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day

That term for Valentine's Day always makes me think it somehow refers to venereal disease.

Okay, so maybe that's appropriate, all things considered.

I thought I'd share a cute one with you. Yesterday we were stuck at home due to a severe ice storm. Branches of trees that are well-established, taller than my house, were bent down to the ground, and I actually saw some snap off. I think if a bird had tried to land, it would have just twirled around the branches before slipping to the ground!

The walk was a skating rink, and the car was a four-wheeled popsicle. All this is a long way of saying we had a lazy day at home. I worked on Icarus (that is the designer's blog) and have about 8 rows until I'm finished. The DH did a bit of laundry, made all the meals, standard for by evening he was sagging. Literally. As Letterman got started, I glanced over at him and noticed that he was slunk down so far in his seat that he was resting on his mid-back. I laughed at him, thinking he looked like he was about 12. I said something to him to that effect, and suddenly his whole face lit up.

"I'm a slouch potato!" he exclaimed, and chortled, oh-so-pleased with himself.

But the laugh was on him. When he tried to get up, he flailed around for a few moments like a turtle flipped on his back. Turns out his body isn't 12 after all. Who knew? Why, I did, come to think of it.

You bet your sweet bippy I laughed. What's love for, after all?

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