Friday, February 1, 2008

But Wait! There's More!

The DH and I got iced in today. Freezing rain and sleet overnight closed schools and although some of the county was clear pretty quickly, everything where we are was glazed like a doughnut. No, not donut. I actually write in English, not Ad Copy. Anyway, discretion being the better part of valor, we stayed home.

So, I told you that to tell you this. We were watching some morning TV, a special brand of hell all its own, when a commercial for some useless piece of garbage comes on...and oh my, the excitement!'s only 12.99! Let's get two; they're cheap. Or not. Then they tell you the s&h is 19.99.

"Oh, yeah!" I snark at the screen. "I'm really gonna order this piece of crap, and pay more for shipping and handling than I do the item!" DH, who is used to me talking back to the TV, says zilch. I believe I've mentioned his intelligence and insight before.

Then the obligatory "But Wait!!!" section comes on. "Call now, and the shipping and handling are FREE!"

The DH looks anywhere but at me, and quietly remarks, "Oops."



JoanK said...

Hi Diana - I'm with you on this!! Do you remember Johnny Carson's "Art Fern" character? My favourite, followed by Carnac (for the "look" he gave Ed!)

Going back a few posts, the restoration work you do is superb .. what a priceless gift for those who are fortunate enough to bring these treasures to you.

Diana said...

I loved Johnny Carson. I was too young to watch him for most of his career, but the man was brilliant at what he did. Did you know that Paul Shafer (sp?) on Letterman has the Carnac turban?

Thanks for the compliment. Nice thing is that I never saw the originals. Pat lives in Mississippi, and scanned those to send me. The power of the Goddess reaches far and wide! :->