Friday, February 6, 2009

Please Vote

I got an email this morning from Liz Lovick. If you follow this blog at all, you know who she is.

"Hi all,

I have an ethical dilemma.....

A yarn company were having a 'competition' for designs. The money was worth while and at GREAT expense I got some of the yarn (the dollar chose that time to head up and I got done for tax etc!)..

I sent in two designs. Fine. But they have now changed the selection process to a web vote. If I had known this at the beginning I would never have done anything, because we all know web votes can be abused by lobbying....

My dilemma is that I know others will be getting family and friends to vote for them. I disagree with such stuff, but....!!

So, in true internet fashion, I have selected a few friends to send the link to:

My designs are 4 and 5.....


I voted for #5, and I think if we all vote for the same one, she'll have a better chance. I just think it sucks that the rules were changed mid-stream, and I know that Liz has done a lot to give to the knitting community. I think it would nice if we gave her our support in return...yes, I'm lobbying, but hey, you gotta fight fire with fire, right?

So do me a favor, take a second, and vote for a very nice lady's work.


Dayna said...

I voted!

Agn├Ęs said...

You are right, we have to help Liz, as she done and always does a nice job for us.

So I voted!

Grannie said...

I'm going right now to vote for #5 - this is a small way to thank Liz for all the time and devotion she expends on our behalf!


mollydog said...

I voted! I'm new to your blog...very fun!

Love the Grandson! I have one who is six. They are wonderful!

I posted to tell you that I had the frozen shoulder thing about 10 years ago. I think they called it encapsulitis. My doctor wanted to do therapy three times a week. On line, I discovered that it takes about 3 months to freeze up, 3 months frozen, and 3 months to unfreeze...all whether there is therapy or not. So I opted to wait without therapy. I had medical insurance, but the copays would have killed me. The three therapy sessions I did go to were terribly painful which did aid my choice. I'm not up for financial pain and certainly not physical pain!

For me, it was a good choice--within the year I had free motion again.

Now, I didn't have the calcification so I don't know if we did have the same thing...but thought I'd add my tidbit to your pile of thoughts about this.

dustinac said...

I joined the Fair Isle Workshop and enjoy just reading everyone's post. I seen yours this morning and voted. Thanks for letting us know.