Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And The Romi Goes To...

...ME! OMG, I couldn't be more excited. Rosemary of Romi Designs picked my name for her her latest scarf design. Whoo hoo! It's a very pretty free pattern; check her blog for how to obtain it.
I'm a huge of of Romi's work, and own several of her pins. I've also made the Ice Queen, which is her design that headlined on Knitty last winter and was just huge in the lace knitting community. My version is in black with star-shaped beads, and I love it. I have yarn and beads to do others, now to find TIME.
So while I know it's silly, I am thrilled to have someone whose work I so admire like the name I came up with. It's not like I did anything particularly difficult, or clever, or even worthwhile. I don't care. She liked it!
Now to go back to my usual snarky self. A few PT exercises should do it. :-/

1 comment:

Romi said...

It's an awesome name!!! :D Thank you so much for the great idea and the kind compliments. You made my day!

Love your Ice Queen, btw. :)