Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kleenex Alert

See, I'm nice that way. In spite of your Goddess's snarky exterior, I am the kind of person who sobs at KMart openings. The stupidest Hallmark commercial will reduce me to a sniveling mess...and I do mean mess. My face gets red, my eyes bloodshot, and we won't discuss the foul things that happen to my nose.

Thus, when sending me anything that might tug at one's heartstrings, dang it, give a girl a warning. I received this from an old high school buddy (and slight crush, but don't tell the DH- yeah, like he doesn't know), Mike J. Mike gave me NO warning, and may, therefore, need to be smacked. He'd probably like it.

On the other news front, some of you have heard, but for the rest, here is a portion of my column in our studio newsletter:

"I hate to move. I hate it with a purple passion - I don't know WHY passion is purple, but it's my favorite color and I'll go with it.

I spent ten years as the dreaded 'military dependent', for which you may read 'Air Force Wife.' During that time, I moved nine times, not counting the initial move after we were married. You do the math, and for a little nester like me, it was rough. I have a tendency to build little cosy nooks around where I light. To some people it's clutter. To me...well, it's clutter too, but it's MY clutter. I come from a long line of not-so-proud packrats, so moving is a special chore.

Why would I put myself through it again, and for that matter, why should you care? I'm doing it because DH has a vision. I'm a pretty good person at seeing the big picture, but he's the true dreamer of our business, and his dream has gotten bigger. Bigger than the space we have here, and that's where you come in, because we're moving the studio."

What has happened is that the area's top portrait photographer has retired and has sold his business and facility to us. Rather than making do with a converted grocery store, we'll be in a 3200 sq. ft. studio with outdoor sets and a camera room that causes DH to wipe drool off his chin. We move in the weekend after Easter. I hope we'll be successful there. I hope we make lots of memories for our clients, staff, and ourselves. I hope we'll do the former owner proud.

And I hope we make a bundle! :->

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Kat said...

I'm a pack rat and I hate moving, too! :-)

The new studio sounds heavenly.