Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ice Queen

No, not me! I'm anything but. I can give you references. No, I just finished my first Ice Queen. There will be more...and thought I'd post a picture. This is a cowl pattern that may be found at and has proven very popular. I have at least four other color combinations in which I want to do it, all of which I love. Now how to convince the DH I will need matching coats to go with my accessories? I intend to eventually do this in Douceur Et Soie in both a pale aqua and in deep plum, and in Silken Kydd in forest green and in silver. I have matching color beads for them all. This one is in black Silken Kydd from Elann which is very reasonable and very soft. The star-shaped beads are from EarthFaire (link is in my enabling list).

I've also finished Icarus at long last. This will be for my beloved sister Joyce's birthday. Since she's in the middle of tax season, I have to hope she's not reading my blog. She's not too plugged in, so I doubt she would anyway. Her birthday is the last day of the month, and I'll see her at Easter so she'll get it then. This is so light! Just 3.5 oz of soft - if I say so myself when, really, it should be YOU - beauty.

This is done in Alpaca with a Twist Fino in Mulberry. Simply gorgeous yarn; I blame - I mean thank - Elaine the Enabler for turning me on to this yarn. I also have to thank Kristina in TN for giving me enough yardage to bind off. Got to that point with only 18 inches left, and even my puny math skills told me that wouldn't bind off a 72 inch edge. She put some in the mail for me from her own work on the Shetland Tea Shawl...a shawl I covet along with most of her work. Check out her blog in my list; she is Beadntat.
For your smile for the day, an exchange with the DH. We were watching Turner and Hooch this morning, and it was the scene where Hooch (a dog, if you never seen it; a huge slobbery dog) jumps through a window to get at someone attacking his owner. I remarked to the DH that Jack, my black Scottie boy who is devoted to me, would do the same. He agreed. I then said that, of course, Jack wasn't big enough to jump through a window.
"True, " said the DH. "Everyone knows black dogs can't jump!"

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