Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Elfine's Socks

I finished my socks this weekend, and after beating my mother and sister (more on them later) off with a stick, I managed to keep them! These are unblocked except by my foot.
Yes, I have cankles, and you can go sit in the van.
This are the Elfine's socks by Anna Bell. It's a free pattern which you may find here. I knit them in the Socks That Rock Spinel colorway. Here's a tighter detail of the picture above, and this color is a bit more true. These took about a month to knit, alternating with another project or two.This is only my third pair of socks, and I'm really pleased with them. I discovered that knitting plain socks doesn't suit me at all; too boring! But this was fun, so I'm looking forward to my next pair. Right now I'm knitting a Christmas stocking, but no pictures till it's done. Be patient, my little chickadees!
In a spirit of fun which, let's face it, is the best spirit of all, next to rum, I thought I'd share....
This weekend my mom and sister Joyce were in town for the annual birthday dinner for Mom and I (mine was Friday and face it, you sent NOTHING) and we went shopping. Well duh. So- we're stopped a light, and the little chippy in the pickup next to us has some noxious crap passing for music rudely blaring out her truck windows. Mom grumbles, and I said, "Hey, Mom (I call her that), turn your music up and drown her out!" When was the last time YOU heard Johnny Mathis cranked up, pouring out of car windows? I laughed my @$$ off!
The real kicker is that after we had our giggle and turned the music back down, the chippy had cut hers back too! I suspect good ole Johnny won her over. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.


Jeri said...

Love those socks! You deserve to keep them . Happy Birthday!! Hope it was full of fun, even if no blogger presents. I hope you have a great year with lots of knitting and joy.
Love, a fellow November Knitter,

beadntat said...

Awesome socks!!! I've had the pattern in my top 20 socks to knit for awhile now so I'm jealous you actually got yours done. And yes, shame on me for screwing up and forgetting your B-day....again. Bad girlfriend, bad!!! It's good to know your got a decent laughter fix anyway. I hope you also celebrated with a wee trip into my favorite little pastry shop ;-)))

Diana said...

I know you all will remember next year. (stern look) I didn't go to the bakery, but had a pro baker make us a carrot cake to die for, not to mention cinnamon buns for the next morning. I was so BAD!

Rosemarie Buchanan said...

I read this post once before, then today came back to catch up on the latest missives (or missiles), and scrolled down to see if there was anything else I missed.

Saw "My Elfine's Socks" but in my quick glance, it looked like "My Effin Socks", which, of course, required a second and third take.

I mean, *I* would call them "effin" socks, but YOU ... nevah!

Said with much affection, naturally.


p.s. They're very lovely socks, btw.