Monday, September 22, 2008

Gaelic Mist is Done!!!

Yesterday evening, the last day of summer, I finished my first ever knitted cardigan, Gaelic Mist. So just in time for fall, I have (if I do say so) a lovely sweater for when the chill hits. Which was NOT today.

I just washed and blocked it out on the spare bed, and couldn't even wait till it was dry and I'd sewn on the buttons to share it with you. Not that I'm bursting with pride, or anything.

A detail of the cabling that forms the bottom of the sweater, and shapes the waist slightly. It is meant to ruffle a bit at the bottom edge, and you'll notice I've pinned the button band to dry flat.

And the ends of the sleeve which mirror the sweater bottom. For those of you who care about such things, the yarn is Cestari DK weight in Heathered Forest. I used about five and a half skeins.

Since I couldn't wait until I put on the buttons, I decided to let you see them too.

The sweater requires five, and I got a sixth for safety. I am a HUGE sucker for things Celtic (you should see my many pair of silver Celtic knot style earrings!) and I thought these would go well with the cabling without being too busy. Feel free to agree with me. :-)

I'm so tickled with myself I can't see straight, and the DH keeps giving me that oh-so-masculine "You're being such a cute little woman" grin. So what do you think?


Sande Francis said...

Diana, I am gobsmacked. not that your sweater is so ab-fab, but because it only took 5-1/2 balls of yarn to knit a long sleeved sweater. I've always insisted you are tall and svelte, but this sweater may have proved me wrong. (heavy sigh) You have dashed my lofty thoughts about your goddess-like self, unless maybe those were 200 gram skeins?

No, seriously, it's a great sweater and I do hope you will post a photo or two of you modeling it. :)

Eugenia said...

Diana, Great job, fabulous sweater. Glad to see you used Cestari yarn. I love it, too. Is the pattern one of Cestari's?


Diana said...

Sande, the Cestari is put up in 3.5 ounce skeins, 290 yd/skein. I think I used just a half oz by weight of the final skein. BTW, I've always loved 'gobsmacked'.

Eugenia, the pattern is from a book called A Fine Fleece by Lisa Lloyd. Elaine Harvey (the other Rustic Tart spinner) turned me on to Cestari at MDSW.

larascreations said...

Wow!! That's inspiring.....dang it, my list of things to make sure grows faster than my needles can move! I have this book, too....

Beautiful work. The buttons are absolutely perfect, too.

Morenna said...

Diana, your sweater is beautiful! I love the color and the buttons are just perfect. You should be very proud.

beadntat said...

I'm not familiar with Cestari yarn, but I guess I'll have to figure it out. The sweater is spectacular, stunning, amazing, gorgeous, fierce, and oh so wonderful!!! I think I want one too. Dang, shoulda bought the book when it was on sale. I really like the waist shaping via cabling concept. I saw a pullover recently that used the same idea, but a cardi is much better. Big congrats to you...and don't forget we want to see the sweater modeled by you!

Karen said...

Great sweater! It will give you so much enjoyment in the wearing now that the making of it has been reveled in! I love the Celtic knotwork as well - the buttons are just perfect. Sometimes when i need something to doodle I try to design some knotwork - it is much harder to plan than it looks.

This sweater deserves a celebration!